Dog training school and behavioral therapy
Dog training school and behavioral therapy
Together, we ensure your dog becomes well-behaved again
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At Braaf, we offer both dog training services and behavioral therapy. We understand that your dog is a cherished member of your family, deserving of the very best. With over 15 years of practical experience, completion of accredited training, partnerships with over 30 veterinarians, and regular continuing education, we strive to provide you and your furry family member with top-notch care. Pets bring joy to people's lives and are a source of enrichment for both humans and animals. Owners often share a close bond with their pets, considering them integral members of the family. At Braaf, we recognize and value this bond. That's why we focus on both preventing and treating behavioral issues in your beloved family member.
Behavioral Therapy
A dog is a wonderful addition to any family. For a dog, this is their whole life, so as dog owners, we want to ensure that this bond is very strong. In some cases, an owner may have a need for assistance because the dog is displaying behavior that is perceived as undesirable.
Dog training school
At Braaf, we prioritize ensuring that dogs and owners have a strong foundation. We achieve this by offering courses based on science. Ultimately, it's the combination of dog and owner working together to build a bond of trust, and we are dedicated to providing the right tools to facilitate this.
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Braaf is based on a collaboration between parties that trust each other completely and work together to achieve a suitable result.

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