Hi, how nice that you want to know more about me. I believe it’s very important to have a good feeling about the people I work with. If, after browsing my website, you want to know more, feel free to give me a call!

Let me share with you the story of how Braaf came to be. Dogs have always played a significant role in my life. As a young boy, I grew up with dogs, which sparked my interest in them. During high school, I often said, “I want to do something with animals.” This is a dream for many, but for me, it wasn’t just a phase. I was certain: this is what I really wanted to do!

So, I pursued a degree in Animal Husbandry at HAS University of Applied Sciences. I did my internship at the animal shelter in Maastricht, where I had the privilege of learning from my mentor, Dr. Jolanda Pluijmakers, an absolute professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. During this internship, I trained the shelter dogs to increase their chances of adoption. Even before the internship began, I was given homework: reading the book “This is the Dog.” I highly recommend this book! It was an eye-opener for me, as the new methods and research were quite novel to me. I learned, trained, read books and studies, observed, asked questions, and learned even more.

After my internship, I was offered a job with the Animal Protection Society Limburg, where I gained more experience in training and rehoming shelter dogs. Two years later, this led to a new position at the animal shelter in Genk, where I still work today, alongside Selma. As the person responsible for adoptions, I could focus more on the behavior of the dogs and develop my skills in rehoming them to new owners.

over braaf voor honden jos

To continue growing, I pursued the “Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare” program: an accredited master’s level course with a focus on science. This was very important to me, especially since the profession of dog behavior therapist is not officially recognized. If I truly wanted to help owners and their dogs, I needed to complete a solid education. With appropriate pride, I can say that I graduated cum laude in 2019.

This program allowed me to learn more about dogs, which led to better training for the shelter dogs. As a result, new projects were developed to increase adoption chances, and the success rate of adoptions improved.

And so, in 2019, Braaf was born. Initially, Braaf focused on supporting dog owners who needed help with their dogs’ behavioral problems. You’ll see me during the behavior consultations. In 2024, Braaf expanded to include a dog school focusing on the prevention of problem behavior.

The dog you see featured on my website also came from the animal shelter in Genk. There is no information about his past, except for the wounds he had on his snout and paws. I learn from him every day, because despite presumably having many negative experiences, he grows a little each day. Even though he may never fit the picture of an “average dog,” he is perfect to me just as he is. Sometimes, the goal is to understand the dog rather than change it.