Braaf will be opening a dog school in Maastricht starting from January 1, 2024!

At Braaf, we prioritize establishing a solid foundation for both dogs and owners. We accomplish this by providing scientifically-based courses. Ultimately, it’s the collaboration between dog and owner that fosters a bond of trust, and we are committed to equipping you with the necessary tools to facilitate this process.

Why attend a dog training school?

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For a good start, both for you and your puppy, pre-adolescent, or adolescent. Very simple.
From research, we know that one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs is social anxieties. These are fears towards unfamiliar people or other dogs. Poor socialization is one of the factors influencing this. At Braaf, we therefore focus on good socialization: your puppy interacts with people and animals and learns desired behavior at moments when he or she finds it challenging. Your pre-adolescent or adolescent learns desired behavior on the leash, both in terms of pulling and when encountering stimuli. This way, we also immediately focus on the prevention of behavioral problems.

For a good start, both for you and your dog.

Why attend a dog training school at Braaf?

Braaf has been collaborating with over 30 veterinarians from Maastricht to Sittard, Heerlen, and Roermond since 2019, focusing on addressing behavioral issues in dogs. With the expansion of our dog training school, we aim to emphasize the prevention of behavioral problems.

Every dog is unique, and each dog learns differently. This means that we tailor our approach to you and your dog, striving to create the most optimal setting for learning. Our training methods are based on scientific principles; we now understand that training desired behavior through rewards is less stressful for dogs and positively impacts their well-being. For this reason, we assess what your dog can handle and determine the most effective learning approach.

General information:

  • We use rewards in our training. These can be treats, a toy, verbal praise, or petting.
  • Dogs wear a collar and/or harness. Slip leads are not allowed.
  • Our goal is for both the dog and the owner to learn something. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.
  • The courses are held in Maastricht, at the beautiful Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt.
  • Prefer private training for yourself or your dog? Feel free to inquire about the options.
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