In the Netherlands, Braaf is accredited by SPPD, the Platform for Professional Animal Behavior Experts. This accreditation is granted to professionals who meet specific criteria, including a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree level education, a curriculum based on scientific research, and a requirement to conduct a minimum number of consultations per year. Many pet insurance policies in the Netherlands cover a significant portion of consultation fees when the behavior therapist is affiliated with SPPD.

In Belgium, Braaf is affiliated with VDG, the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. VDG members include professional behavior coaches, behavior therapists, and behavioral veterinarians, providing pet owners with access to reliable professionals. Membership in VDG requires completion of higher education from an official institution. VDG members meet monthly to share knowledge and experiences, and participate in regular professional development opportunities.

Additionally, Braaf collaborates with over 30 veterinarians, ensuring prompt and accurate treatment of combined medical and behavioral issues. If Braaf does not currently collaborate with your veterinarian, communication will be established to ensure your veterinarian is informed of the diagnosis and treatment plan.