Congratulations on your puppy

Hooray, you have a new family member! A little hummel who has yet to discover the world and needs a good education. Together you are most welcome at our dog school! During this puppy course, we will spend time on the very important, further socialization and habituation of your puppy. From scientific research, we know that one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs is social anxiety. These are fears toward strange people and peers. The socialization phase has an important role in this, which we would like to help you and your puppy with. During this course, we will introduce your puppy to a variety of new objects and actions. We will also cover basic commands and give tips and tricks on how to interact with other people and dogs in a nice way and take a relaxed walk.


This puppy course consists of 10 lessons, including one theory lesson and the cost is €180. The course is taught twice a week. Class days are Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Puppies aged 9-18 weeks are welcome to attend this course after they have had their second vaccination.
All courses and private lessons can also be given in English!

Course content

The content of the course, in addition to the commands sit, come here, loose, stay, paw, lie down and let consists of several lessons:

  • a theory class, which includes an explanation of dog learning processes, the importance of socialization, learning to be alone and toilet training;
  • “play and training,” in which we figure out what type of play your dog likes and how to stop play at the right time;
  • ‘the wonderful world of the unknown’. Consisting of: “feet off the floor,” “the sniffing corner,” “that sounds like music to my ears” and “I don’t believe my eyes.
  • ‘cozy over coffee’. Your pup will learn to make contact with people in a desired way;
  • ‘spick and span’: preparation for coat care, vet visits and the groomer;
  • ‘relaxed walk together’, where we focus on a nice, relaxed walk without pulling on the leash;
  • ‘meeting peers along the way,’ where your pup will learn to walk nicely and ignore other dogs during walks;
  • “out into the wide world. During this walk, we look for more stimuli and focus on what the puppies have learned in the previous lessons;
  • “quiet wiggle butt,” in which we focus on food enrichment and encourage your pup to keep himself mentally occupied;
  • ‘Good’. The conclusion of the course, in which all commands are gone over, a walk is done and all students receive a certificate of participation.


Classes are held at buitenplaats Vaeshartelt: a beautiful, peaceful location in Maastricht. There are ample parking spaces directly adjacent to the training field. Vaeshartelt also offers the opportunity to have a snack and a drink where you, along with your dog, are most welcome.

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