A dog is a wonderful addition to any family. For a dog, this is their whole life, so as dog owners, we want to ensure that this bond is very strong. In some cases, an owner may have a need for assistance because the dog is displaying behavior that is perceived as undesirable.

Is your dog displaying unwanted behavior?

In some cases, an owner may have concerns because their dog is displaying behavior perceived as unwanted. For most issues, there is a solution, but it requires an accurate diagnosis and a practical, feasible treatment plan. At Braaf, we aim to assist in this process. As recognized dog behavior therapists, our goal is to support both owner and dog in addressing these challenges effectively.

Based on proven research, diagnoses and treatment plans are established, resulting in a high success rate during behavior consultations. The owner’s commitment plays a crucial role in this process.

You can expect me to integrate my practical experience with insights gained from postgraduate studies and to stay current through ongoing professional development. Together with your commitment, we will work towards ensuring your family member becomes well-behaved once again!

Evidence-based research forms the foundation for the diagnosis and treatment plan.