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For dogs that enjoy more challenges, or for owners who want to engage more with their beloved four-legged friend, we offer an exciting advanced course. In this course, we increase the difficulty by executing already familiar commands from a greater distance and with more distractions. We also introduce new commands, such as ‘spin,’ ‘roll over,’ and ‘sit pretty,’ and teach your dog to stay calmly seated or lying down, for example, on a terrace.


This advanced course consists of 6 practical lessons and costs €135. The course is held once a week, on Sunday mornings. Dogs aged 6 months and older who have completed the adolescence course or are familiar with the commands ‘come here,’ ‘heel,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘place’ can participate in this course.
Additionally, all courses and private lessons can be conducted in English!

Course Content

The course includes the following:

  • “Here we go”: Walking with multiple dogs in close proximity, focusing on the owner.
  • “Long-distance relationship”: Practicing ‘come here’ and ‘stay’ from a greater distance with more distractions. This lesson also includes learning the ‘spin’ command.
  • “A nice gesture”: Training commands from a distance and teaching ‘sit pretty’.
  • “Rest in place”: Starting with ‘place’ and ‘stay’ while the owner sits in a chair. Teaching your dog to greet people politely without jumping up.
  • “The role of friendship”: Learning the ‘roll over’ command, practicing previous commands from a distance, and pairing up dogs to walk together calmly.
  • “Practice makes perfect”: Setting up a course with distractions where your dog maintains focus on the owner. The lesson ends with simulating a terrace environment, teaching your dog to remain calm when people approach.


The lessons take place at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt: a beautiful, tranquil location in Maastricht. Ample parking is available directly adjacent to the training field. Vaeshartelt also offers the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks, where you and your dog are warmly welcomed.

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