When you have a behavioral concern, we begin with a brief initial phone intake. Following this, a questionnaire will be sent to you, which must be completed before the consultation begins. This questionnaire delves into your dog’s history and asks specific questions about their behavior. It provides valuable information that benefits both you and me during the consultation. Additionally, we often request visual materials to gain more insight into certain behaviors.

During the consultation, which typically lasts about 1.5 hours, we delve deeper into specific behaviors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue you are experiencing. A diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is developed during this session. After the consultation, a detailed report summarizing our session, the diagnosis, and the treatment plan is sent to both you and your veterinarian.

We maintain contact via phone or email for 3 months following the consultation to discuss progress.

The fee for a consultation, including follow-up by phone or email, is €170 including VAT. Travel costs are €0.35 per kilometer.

If a follow-up consultation is desired, the fee is €40 for each 30-minute session.