Prevention and Treatment of Behavior Problems

Pets bring happiness to people’s lives. A pet enriches the lives of both humans and animals alike. Owners often develop a very close bond with their pets; a dog, for example, is often seen as a valued member of the family. At Braaf, we deeply understand this bond. That’s why Braaf focuses on the prevention and treatment of behavioral issues in your family member, both at our dog school located at Vaeshartelt in Maastricht, and during behavior consultations conducted in the comfort of your home.

Accredited Training and Practical Experience

To best help owners with their need for help, we both completed a two-year accredited course called Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Odisee. This is an English-language accredited postgraduate degree at the master’s level, focusing on dog welfare and the prevention and treatment of behavioral problems.
Completion of this accredited training allows us to call ourselves an accredited clinical behaviorist for dogs. In this way, Braaf wants to stand out and help dog owners.
In addition, together we have more than 15 years of experience at the animal shelter, where we are responsible for the behavioral observations, training and rehoming of various breeds with different backgrounds and problems.

What does this mean for you?

At the dog school, scientific studies form the basis of the courses. Behavioral consultations involve treatment plans that, based on scientific studies, have been shown to be effective.

Science is translated into practice

You can expect Braaf to combine our practical experience with the knowledge we have gained from the postgraduate program as well as to stay up to date through continuing education. Combined with your commitment, together we are going to make sure your family member is well behaved again!